Northgate Community & Sports Club
Gepps Cross Football Club

Members Happy Hours:

Monday to Thursday 4pm till 6pm. Friday nights 6pm till 8pm. Saturday and Sunday 2pm till 4pm. Don’t forget to swipe you membership card through the doorman to see if you can win any of the daily prizes.


Association A2  Best & Fairest  2005-6

Garry Chillingworth


Association A2 Batting Trophy

Garry Chillingworth - 496 Runs


Life Members

B. Drew, B. Bamford, B. Kent, G. Sweetman,* K. Weaver, G. Wright, E. Coomblas*,

D. Scott, G. Sims, I. Robertson, R. Coff, S. Kish, B. Myers, K. Brice, D. Myers, S. Ford,

S. Wright, G. Standish, D. Turner, H.G. Smith, A. Polkinghorne, D. Perkins Snr*, Mrs B. Sweetman,

L. Turner, P. Hunter, D. Bubner, B. Coomblas, A. Wyatt, P. Hayter, C. Burns, G. Gow, O. Williams,

P. Laidler, A. Matthews, W. Valladares, I. Bayliss, S. Wilden, K. Holding, A.F. Coomblas,

D. Pascale, D. Travis, J. Herraman, A. Beames, B. McKee, B. Mordaunt, D. Borrett,

C. Callies, E. Ward, G Maxted, D. Perkins, A. Mordaunt, C. Pritchard, P. Dalton,

B. McDonald, M. Clarke, J Clarke, S. McMillan, C. Payne, S. Schmaal, A. Antrobus,

C Loader, B. Tansell, B. Jolly, T. Day, A. Montague, R. Summers.